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Center of the Maze:

A psychedelic journey inward accompanied by Philonious Funk,

( Played by The World Famous Tony Williams *Kanye West, Nas, Pusha T ) philosopher of all things funky & friendly neighborhood apothecary. 

Weak Days

Explores the intensity of infatuation and the equally intoxicating fear of the unavoidable end, after the enchantment disappears. This Sentiment is set to glossy guitars and a blanket of horns hovering within a space-disco worthy bounce. Nostalgic as the the last time you visited the future.

CFP weak days.JPG

The group formed when the four guys took a “doomsday road trip.” Following the advice of some conspiracy theorist friends, they packed up and headed to an ideal place to wait out the apocalypse. When an earth-shattering meteor didn’t hit, inspiration did. Having recently been diagnosed with bipolar paranoid schizophrenia, Cameron McCloud found clarity in making music with Jay Analog, Tomahawk Jonez, and Stanley Francisko. By the time they returned home, the band was born.


Since, Cure for Paranoia was awarded Dallas Observer’s Best New Act in 2016, Best Group Act in 2017 and Central Track’s Best Rap Collective in 2020. They performed at 2 of Erykah Badu’s sold out Birthday celebrations after McCloud was recorded rapping to her backstage. The group's diverse music has allowed them to share bills with Nas, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Run the Jewels, Ludacris, 21 Savage and tour with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The band will independently release their 2nd album "Center of the Maze" in 2020. 

weak days house.png
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