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100 days ago I had no idea what direction my band was going to go in after quarantine, 100 days ago I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, 100 days ago I SERIOUSLY needed a CURE FOR my PARANOIA because my anxiety about the future was going crazy, 100 days ago I remembered wtf my CURE FOR PARANOIA was so I committed to writing and posting a verse everyday for 100 days and hoped that along the way my cure would work. 100 days ago I had no idea HOW MUCH my Cure For Paranoia would actually work, not only for me, but for the people around me too. People who saw what I was doing and got inspired while I was simply trying to re-inspire myself. 100 days ago I decided to shed all that fear and anxiety about the future and just move forward anyways regardless of how I looked being vulnerable with my art every single day. 100 days ago I had no idea how much this challenge was going to change my life.


-Cameron McCloud